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    Springer - Microdroplet Technology *2012 eBook* download for free | eBooks & eLearning, Science

  • Springer - Microdroplet Technology *2012 eBook* title=

    release name: Springer - Microdroplet Technology *2012 eBook*
    group: AXA
    release date: 2 October 2012
    total size: 5.95MB
    PUBLISHER: Springer
    RELEASE DATE: 2012-10-02
    ISBN-10: 1461432642
    ISBN-13: 9781461432647
    PUBLISH DATE: 2012-08-31
    PAGES: 247
    LANGUAGE: English

    Microdroplet technology has recently emerged to provide new and diverse
    applications via microfluidic functionality, especially in various
    areas of biology and chemistry. This book, then, gives an overview of
    the principle components and wide-ranging applications for
    state-of-the-art of droplet-based microfluidics. Chapter authors are
    internationally-leading researchers from chemistry, biology, physics
    and engineering that present various key aspects of micrdroplet
    technology -- fundamental flow physics, methodology and components for
    flow control, applications in biology and chemistry, and a discussion
    of future perspectives. This book acts as a reference for academics,
    post-graduate students, and researcher wishing to deepen their
    understand of microfluidics and introduce optimal design and operation
    of new droplet-based microfluidic devices for more comprehensive
    analyte assessments.
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