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    Springer - Nanoparticles from the Gasphase *2012 eBook* download for free | eBooks & eLearning

  • Springer - Nanoparticles from the Gasphase *2012 eBook* title=

    release name: Springer - Nanoparticles from the Gasphase *2012 eBook*
    group: AXA
    release date: 2 October 2012
    total size: 20.02MB
    PUBLISHER: Springer
    RELEASE DATE: 2012-10-02
    ISBN-10: 3642285457
    ISBN-13: 9783642285455
    PUBLISH DATE: 2012-07-31
    PAGES: 408
    LANGUAGE: English

    Gasphase synthesis of nanoparticles and nanostructured materials offers
    high chemical purity and crystalline quality as well as scalability up
    to industrial quantities. It is therefore highly attractive for both
    basic and applied science. This book gives a broad and coherent
    overview of the complete production and value chain from nanoparticle
    formation to integration into products and devices. Written by experts
    in the field with backgrounds in electrical engineering, experimental
    and theoretical physics, materials science, and chemical engineering
    the book offers a deep insight into the fabrication, characterization
    and application of nanoparticles from the gasphase. The first part of
    the book, Formation, covers chemical and growth kinetics, in-situ
    diagnostics, numerical simulation, process development and material
    deposition. In the second section, the reader is introduced to the
    structure and dynamics that lead to functional nanoscale systems and
    materials. The third section, Properties and Applications, provides a
    detailed discussion of the optical, electronic, magnetic and chemical
    characteristics of nanostructures and demonstrates how these can be
    used in tailored materials and devices.
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