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    Joy Disaster - Sickness *2012 Year* download for free | Music, Gothic, Rock

  • Joy Disaster - Sickness *2012 Year* title=

    release name: Joy Disaster - Sickness *2012 Year*
    group: AMOK
    release date: 4 October 2012
    total size: 91.55MB
    Artist....: Joy Disaster
    Album.....: Sickness
    Type......: Album
    Source....: CDDA
    Tracks....: 15
    Genre.....: Gothic Rock
    Label.....: Maniac Depression Records
    Catalogue#: MD022
    Encoder...: Lame 3.98
    Quality...: VBR kbps / 44,1KHz / Joint-Stereo
    URL.......: -

    01 Shinning Monday 03:49
    02 Suicide 03:36
    03 Twins Of Misery 02:39
    04 Aeroplane 02:48
    05 Miss Trust 03:54
    06 Kill The Secret 04:05
    07 Between Us 03:17
    08 It Makes Me Sick 03:01
    09 My Loose 03:00
    10 When The Others Fade In Silence 03:26
    11 Absolute 03:48
    12 Sweetie Monkey 02:33
    13 The Town 03:00
    14 Vomit Faces 04:22
    15 Sickness 03:08

    Total:91,6 MB / 50:26 min

    Release Notes:
    We do not want our rips on a website.
    Please do not give this CD free for downloading on the www.
    Someday you will destroy us all by doing that.
    Support the artist and buy the CD you like.
    Everyone who is familiar with this French band will expect a post punk
    album, but Joy/Disaster on their fourth album surprise with lots of new
    additions to their music. Fans of the band will still find a lot of
    post punk vibes in here, although this album is much more darker,
    metalized and melancholic than anything they did before. This is
    absolutely the next level for them, as they have elaborated very
    emotionally charged and catchy melodies almost till perfection. The
    only bad thing is that this band is a bit too much anchored within the
    sounds of their influences and they don't offer anything what could be
    considered their trade mark. Anyway, I find their approach on Sickness
    very good and I like how they mix all those genres, from post punk,
    gothic rock, metal, hard core, classic rock, indie rock..., into one
    exqusite harmony of sounds.
    As soon as the album starts with punkish beginning of "Shinning Monday"
    and then proceeds into heavily distorted metalized and melodic refrain
    we get aware that we have an errand with a very mature band. Here are a
    lot of songs in the vein of this one, where punk elements perfectly
    shed into melodic gothic metal lines, like on "Twins Of Misery" or The
    Clash meets End Of Green in "It Makes Me Sick". Melancholic goth rock
    tunes like "Miss Trust" or beautiful "Kill The Secret" with it's nice
    guitar solo and captivating melodies, then semi ballad "Between Us",
    are the highlights of this album. "Vomit Faces" or "The Town" are
    classic indie rock tunes with darker tone in the vein of Editors or
    Interpol, then again we could hear some Joy Division, The Cure or even
    stoner rock ala Queens Of The Stone Age and even instrumental parts
    that are familiar with what Katatonia are doing today in some sections.
    Yes, a large palete of references could be found on Sickness. Album
    ends with another great track "Sickness", which brings again in front
    the best of what this band is capable in it's haunting conclusion that
    again reminds of German End Of Green. The vocals of singer and lead
    guitarist Nico are adding a lot of dynamics to the sound with its deep
    and low baritone vocal style. Bass lines are strong and sometimes are
    forming really memorable and captivating drive together with Juliens
    drumming. Production is not too clean, it gives another bond with punk
    essence of Joy/Disaster, although if you ask me I would prefer stronger
    and cleaner one.
    Joy/Disaster on Sickness did a good job. Some songs could be missed as
    they work just like fillers ("Aeroplane") and are probably meant to
    detain old fans of the band. Still, there is a lot of good music to
    enjoy among those fifteen tracks and I strongly recommend this album to
    everybody who finds in the above mentioned references something for
    himself. Sickness offers a lot to discover, it's not monotone and it
    has a lot of amazing tracks that will for sure find a lot of new fans.
    download links: download links: download links:

    password on archive: NEWZCD

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