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    Chronos SOHO Notes 9.3.1 *MacOSX Incl Keymaker* download for free | MacOSX SoftWare, Word Processing

  • Chronos SOHO Notes 9.3.1 *MacOSX Incl Keymaker* title=

    release name: Chronos SOHO Notes 9.3.1 *MacOSX Incl Keymaker*
    group: CORE
    release date: 5 December 2012
    total size: 25.25MB
    SOHO Notes is a great note-taking application that will help you capture, organize and sync all of your data.

    SOHO Notes is designed to help you focus on your business by offering easy access to your contacts, calendars and relationships, while offering convenient backup tools.

    Here are some key features of "SOHO Notes":

    · Works with Spotlight so your notes can be searched with everything else
    · FlashNote menu bar tool to search and view notes while in other applications
    · Integrated web browser so you can research from within your notes
    · Grab entire web pages with text, graphics, and links
    · Fully synchronize your notes with your Palm handheld
    · iPod synchronization so you can take your notes with you
    · Use your .Mac account to move your notes between multiple computers
    · Link notes to an unlimited number of other notes or contacts
    · QuickNote lets you compose notes on-the-fly from any application
    · Permanately archive live web content to preserve important research
    · Tabbed note viewing so you can keep multiple notes open in a single window
    · Use the built-in Contacts viewer to review notes linked to contacts
    · Super-fast searching of text notes, PDF's, web archives, etc.
    · Supports rich text, PDF, movie, audio, file, image, web archive, and bookmark notes
    · New alarm viewer lets you review and dismiss multiple alarms at once
    · Drag photos to notes from the built-in iPhoto and clip art browser.
    download links: download links: download links: download links:

    password on archive: NEWZ.CD.FOREVER

  • Advertising for Chronos SOHO Notes 9.3.1 *MacOSX Incl Keymaker* will go here after a while but as of now we don`t push any kind of ugly ads. Please enjoy NewZ.CD as your premium source of free downloads.

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