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    Chronos SOHO Organizer 9.3.1 *MacOSX Incl Keymaker* download for free | MacOSX SoftWare, Business

  • Chronos SOHO Organizer 9.3.1 *MacOSX Incl Keymaker* title=

    release name: Chronos SOHO Organizer 9.3.1 *MacOSX Incl Keymaker*
    group: CORE
    release date: 5 December 2012
    total size: 78.69MB
    SOHO Organizer is an advanced contact, calendar and note manager for Mac OS X.

    SOHO Organizer can be used to sports all the conveniences of a modern information manager by including utilities such as calendar views, phone dialing, call logging, automatic relationship links, map generation, daily notes, journal, etc.

    SOHO Organizer has a unique, easy to use, flexible interface that lets you view your information many different ways including powerful list views that can be sorted and filtered.

    Your contacts and calendars can easily be synchronized to other supported devices such as your iPhone.

    Here are some key features of "SOHO Organizer":

    Contact Management Features:
    · Publish your calendar on the Internet so others can view it
    · Subscribe to calendars that others have published on the Internet.
    · Connect to CalDAV servers to view and collaborate on public calendars
    · Import/Export industry-standard vCal files
    · Contact Card view supports flexible layouts, themes, zooming
    · List view lets you sort, filter, and edit contacts
    · Dial using a Bluetooth phone, modem, or your computer's speaker
    · Automatic contact and organization linking helps you manage relationships
    · Synchronize contacts to your cell phone, Palm, iPod using Apple's iSync
    · Mobile users can synchronize shared contacts after returning to the office
    · Synchronize contacts between multiple computers using your .Mac account
    · Establish named relationships between multiple contacts
    · Log incoming and outgoing phone calls and SMS messages
    · Unlimited tag assignments with instant tag searching
    · Tabbed contact viewing keeps multiple contacts open in a window
    · All your personal contacts stay perfectly synchronized with the Address Book
    · Instantly search for your contacts or use advanced boolean searches
    · Import or export your contacts as industry-standard vCards
    · Generate maps for contacts using Google or MapQuest services
    · Enter unlimited custom fields for individual contacts
    · Automatic name parsing helps you enter names more easily
    · Schedule automatic database backups for peace of mind
    · Create and attach events and tasks to contacts
    · Create and attach unlimited notes to contacts
    · Auto-completion helps you quickly enter contact information
    · New! Hierarchical groups let you organize contacts into sub-groups
    · Email contacts using your default email client in a single click
    · New! Find and manage duplicates contacts

    Calendar Management Features:
    · Super-Month view lets you view an unlimited number of months at once
    · Week view lets you view 5 to 14 days of your schedule at once
    · Day view contains event, task, and daily notes regions
    · List view lets you sort and edit events and to-dos
    · Year view makes it easy to see an entire year at a glance
    · Track daily events, conversations, travel expenses, etc.
    · Journal view makes it easy to keep a daily diary
    · Mobile users can synchronize shared calendars after returning to the office
    · Synchronize calendars to cell phones, iPods, or Palms using Apple's iSync
    · All your personal calendars stay perfectly synchronized with iCal
    · Synchronize calendars between multiple computers using .Mac
    · Assign alarms to your events and tasks so you never miss anything important
    · Attach attendees from the Address Book or SOHO Organizer to events
    · Supports Gregorian, Hebrew, Buddhist, Islamic, and Japanese calendars
    · Tabbed calendar viewing keeps multiple calendars open in a window
    download links: download links: download links: download links:

    password on archive: WWW.NEWZ.CD

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