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    ProgeCAD 2013 Professional download for free | Windows SoftWare, x86, English, Science / CAD

  • ProgeCAD 2013 Professional title=

    release name: ProgeCAD 2013 Professional
    group: rG
    release date: 8 January 2013
    total size: 304.94MB
    progeCAD, powered by IntelliCAD 7.x, is an AutoCAD® Industry compatible 2D/3D CAD application that works with AutoCAD® DWG files from AutoCAD® 2.5 through AutoCAD® 2013! progeCAD is the first Alternative CAD opening 2013 DWG and compatible with Windows 8!

    progeCAD's original format DWG ensures a complete compatibility with AutoCAD® WITHOUT ANY FILE CONVERSION and without loosing any critical information. progeCAD lets you export drawing files both in DWG and DXF format.

    progeCAD supports an interface complete with an "AutoCAD® - Like" icon menu and "AutoCAD® - Like" commands.

    progeCAD Professional is general-purpose 2D and 3D design software useful for CAD field & concept sketch. It offers very high compatibility with AutoCAD® and Direct Modeling in native .dwg. progeCAD is so much more than an alternative! progeCAD offers more CAD functions than AutoCAD® LT or TurboCAD Pro at a fractional price to AutoCAD®, ArchiCAD or Microstation.

    2013 new features
    • DWG 2013 support
    • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP full compatibility
    • Up to 20 times faster in Open and Save.

    • PC3 Print Support
    - a plotter configuration file, or PC3 file, enables you to easily configure a plotter and to save the settings for later use
    • Multigrip Editing
    - modifies, moves, rotates, scales, stretches a single or multiple objects using multiple Grips
    • Snap Extension
    - snaps to some point along the imaginary extension of a line, arc or polyline segment
    • Separated Hatches and Editing
    - creation and editing (including trimming) of separated hatches
    • New Dimension Options and Features
    - Quick Dimension, Jogged Dimension, Inspection Dimension, Arc Lenght
    • Multiline Command
    - allows to draw multiple parallel lines in a single command
    • EasyArch Metric and Imperial
    - the powerful Architectural plugin supports now also Imperial measurement
    • Improved Multi-line text
    - several new features and options available for Multi-line text input
    • New Print Interface
    - the AutoCAD®-like style print dialog with Page Setup Manager
    • Traceparts and Cadenas for progeCAD
    - iCADLib integrates the progeCAD Traceparts web portal and progeCAD Cadenas web portal for easy-guided usage of more than 100 million of blocks. Directly guided block insertion from the web into your drawings just in a snap
    • PDF, DWF and DGN Underlay
    - PDF files can be attached as an underlay to a drawing file and used as a background for your drawings
    • DGN Import
    - opens Microstation files
    • FlatShot
    - converts 3D solids to a 3-view 2D drawing
    • AEC objects visualization
    - graphical entities created with Architectural Desktop can be visualized inside a DWG drawing
    • Spline Editing
    - deletes, adds, moves fit points of a spline; opens or closes a spline; edit the spline start and end tangents
    • Dimension Style Manager
    - creates new styles, sets the current style, modifies styles, sets overrides on the current style and compares styles
    • Helix and Loft Commands
    - draws a 3D polyline in the form of a helix; extrudes several shapes and makes one continuous object
    • STL and Collada (DAE) Export
    - COLLADA is a COLLAborative Design Activity for establishing an interchange file format for interactive 3D applications.
    - STL (STereoLithography) is a file format native to the stereolithography CAD software for rapid prototyping (3D printers)
    download links: download links: download links: download links:

    password on archive: WWW.NEWZ.CD

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