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    Willis Earl Beal - Live De La Semaine *2012 Year* download for free | Music, Alternative

  • Willis Earl Beal - Live De La Semaine *2012 Year* title=

    release name: Willis Earl Beal - Live De La Semaine *2012 Year*
    group: JUST
    release date: 20 January 2013
    total size: 44.17MB
    Artist.......: Willis Earl Beal
    Album........: Live de la Semaine
    Label........: n/a
    Genre........: Alternative
    Catnr........: n/a
    Source.......: DVBS 2013-01-15 2012-06-00
    Quality......: 213kbps/48.0kHz/Joint Stereo

    1. Live de la Semaine 28:52
    * Wavering Lines
    * White Nois
    * 2 Dry 2 Cry
    * Sambo Joe From The Rainbow
    * Cosmic Queries
    * Evening's Kiss

    Runtime 28:52
    Size 44.16

    Release Notes:

    Chicago singer/songwriter Willis Earl Beal began his foray into the music
    business by tacking hand-drawn flyers all over the greater metropolitan area
    with his phone number and address. The flyers said "My name is Willis Earl Beal.
    Call me and I'll sing you a song. Write to me and I'll draw you a picture."
    Beginning around the end of the 2000s Beal was busking in train stations and
    making good on the promises of his flyers whenever the occasional call came in.
    In 2009 Found Magazine graced the cover of their seventh issue with a flyer Beal
    had made with a crude drawing of himself soliciting a soulmate. The issue also
    included an interview with Beal, and reader response was so strong to his
    open-hearted and quirky personality that Found went on to release a
    limited-edition CD collecting some of his home-recorded songs in 2011. Still
    living at his grandmother's house on Chicago's South Side, Beal began playing
    more proper gigs around town. His songs and recordings run a wide gambit of
    sounds from gospel confessional to noise-touched soul ballads, all characterized
    by his booming voice. His strange back-story and grassroots approach to
    self-promotion gained him a reputation as an outsider artist, and much more
    press coverage began to come Beal's way following the Found Magazine article. In
    2011 he inked a deal with Hot Charity, a subsidiary label of XL Records. Willis
    Earl Beal's debut LP, Acousmatic Sorcery, was slated for release in the spring
    of 2012, and he began embarking on his first tours of both the U.S. and Europe.
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    password on archive: NEWZ.CD.FOREVER

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