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  • - Quickstart Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Course title=

    release name: - Quickstart Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Course
    group: iNK
    release date: 21 January 2013
    total size: 379.1MB
    Premiere Elements 11 is the latest version of Adobe's user-friendly
    and elegant video editing program. In this VTC QuickStart! course,
    you will learn how to set up projects using either the Welcome Screen
    or the Elements 11 user interface. The GUI contains two views, Quick
    and Expert, and you will become comfortable navigating around either
    view. Author Mark Struthers covers adding and editing clips before
    introducing special effects and text on the screen. The importance of
    rendering is considered when preview playback is an issue. As the course
    concludes, the use of Time Remapping and Freeze Frames are explored
    prior to converting to a DVD or an Instant Movie project.* VTC MasterClass!
    download links: download links: download links:

    password on archive: DOWNLOADED.FROM.WWW.NEWZ.CD

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