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    Siemens Solid Edge ST5 MP08 Update download for free | Windows SoftWare

    Siemens Solid Edge ST5 MP08 Update | 344 MB

    Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division and a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, announced the release of Solid Edge ST5, with advances in core design capabilities aimed at helping users develop better products faster. The latest Solid Edge release also contains more than 1,300 new customer-driven productivity enhancements.

    Release Notes:

    Product: Solid Edge
    Date: 10-Jul-2013

    Note: Maintenance Packs are all inclusive and can be installed on top of the base
    release or any released Maintenance Pack.

    This Maintenance Pack can be installed on top of Version:,,,,,,, or

    This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:


    PR 1918413: Profile is not included completely in new AssemblyDrivenPartFeature
    PR 6900780: Accessing AssemblyDoc->StudyOwners in C++ API causes crash on exiting Solid Edge
    PR 6908946:DotNetEdge4 Garbage collection CLSID is wrong so GC won't run.


    PR 1930358: Parts will lose features after breaking links of the whole assembly
    PR 1941379: reproducible crash after physical motion error
    PR 1942276: Abort when switching windows while "Open Documents" selected in Feature Library
    PR 2208266: When "Cable" is removed from "Bundle", the cable path disappears
    PR 6778046: Path is not created in XpresRoute
    PR 6843274: Patterned part flies off into space after editing peer variable
    PR 6882770: Parts get counted multiple times depending on selection methods
    PR 6883430: Frames do not get included in Physical Props when selected by Frame Component
    PR 6891232: Family of Assemblies hang during file open
    PR 6894437: Edge crashes after sorting columns in "Advanced Units" dialog
    PR 6898277: Abort while saving a document
    PR 1914313: the Place Part window is no longer working correctly
    PR 1941643: Drawing view from assembly with mirror components doesn't update correctly
    PR 2219424: Keypoint curves move when outer diameter of a tube is changed
    PR 1940376: Replace Part with a part with the same name does not work
    PR 6610747: Pattern Parts command is taking forever to locate pattern
    PR 6878999: Frame components do not display in the assembly file
    PR 6898152: Undo is causing pattern occurrences to be orphaned
    PR 6899608: Using insert relationships will cause Solid Edge to crash
    PR 1924741: Use of LinkMgmt.txt causes unexpected binding of link path
    PR 6901182: Assembly Features are slower in ST5 than they were in ST3
    PR 1945377: Fastener System does not work as expected
    PR 2219815: Bolt Connector failing to detect other end of bolts, cannot create connector
    PR 6908752: Pattern is not deleted when parent is deleted from the assembly
    PR 6914123: Connect Relationship Cone to Cone key-point highlight display is incorrect
    PR 6914213: Reproducible abort in configuration manager


    PR 1927321: Text boxes shift when exported to AutoCAD .dwg file
    PR 1932542: DXF Export causes to move a text in Y-Direction
    PR 1939908: line up text of callout fails after edit
    PR 1941060: File close/crash after undo/redo of drag of 2D object with segmented styles
    PR 6849934: When centerlines are placed on drawing views, dimensions do not show extension line
    PR 6894857: Block label occurrence level overrides not being maintained when copied
    PR 6899011: 'Distance Between' dimension is not staying where it is placed
    PR 6900288: Abort associated with constraining to a view plane line
    PR 2218884: Section views with deleted alignment are still aligning to source view
    PR 6899421: Title Block text shift when exporting to DWG/DXF
    PR 6903463: Mass values are wrongly evaluated for same wire in this workflow
    PR 1924349: Text incorrectly rotated on AutoCAD dwg import
    PR 6902921: Copy Attributes does note copy the tolerance values for Limits
    PR 6906530: Crash when you select 2 Broken Out Section profiles
    PR 1943375: Active layer is incorrect in "draw in view"
    PR 6909384: Drawing views disappear after using style manger to import styles.

    ===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===

    PR 6891807: Changing the overall length of a part breaks features in Sync
    PR 1940717: Performance opening FOP table not acceptable - nearly 60 seconds for 15 members
    PR 2219315: A table does not highlight attached face
    PR 6834321: Revolved Feature causes Solid Edge to abort
    PR 6897059: Crash after undoing paste of image frame in profile
    PR 1923843: Gagetable.xls change confirmation annoying
    PR 1927348: Transform to Sheet metal (ordered) prevents selection of Gage Table
    PR 2214885: Simulation stresses are half the value of what is expected
    PR 1941206: Recompute first feature and the part becomes multi-body
    PR 1943153: Cannot create planar base feature or part feature with TAB command on sheetmetal
    PR 1945163: Etch in flatten at incorrect position


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