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    Sugar Bytes Consequence 1.5.1 with Library 1.0 R2 download for free | Windows SoftWare

  • Sugar Bytes Consequence 1.5.1 with Library 1.0 R2

    Sugar Bytes Consequence 1.5.1 with Library 1.0 R2

    Sugar Bytes Consequence 1.5.1 with Library 1.0 R2 | 797 MB

    This incredible machine will stir up your tracks and galvanize your production routine. Chords are organized via sequencer, cut in arpeggios and converted to delightful basslines, charming melodies and seemingly unreal textures of sound. CONSEQUENCE is a chord groovebox thats both overflowing with possibilities and enabling an intuitive workflow, capturing any of your ideas directly via audiorecorder. An extensive sound library contains all kinds of instruments - from powerful analogue synths to most subtle violins.

    CONSEQUENCE is a compositioning tool for you to try out chord patterns in a matter of seconds. This mega-instrument also mutates everything you play via MIDI into the discosound of tomorrow.

    Main Features
    - 3 sample-based oscillators with independent envelopes and gate selection for overlaying chords with arpeggios.
    - 32-step sequencers for chord selection, gate, performance (arp, tie, multi-trigger, octave, glide) and modulation.
    - New sound design features like polyphonic frequency-dependent sample rate reduction and aging.
    - Included kick 4/4 kick drum for easy groove orientation.
    - Multi-effect with 5 effects (reverse, chorus, phaser, delay, reverb).
    - Master compressor (can be driven by 4/4 kick via sidechain).
    - Monophonic and polyphonic 5-mode filter (lp, bp, hp, br, comp) with independent gate selection.
    - Pattern change via MIDI note.
    - MIDI input for sequencing chords in realtime.
    - MIDI output for triggering MIDI compatible gear.
    - Easy chord creation via chordmaker, chord-recording and manual chord drawing.
    - Audio recorder for session recording or for creating loops.
    - 200 first class sounds available.
    - Split preset system can combine sound-, sequence- and chord-presets.

    Consequence 1.5.1 update released!
    - 64 Bit! Now Consequence is fully 64 bit compatible.
    - Midi Export! With the 1.5.1 update the long awaited Midi export functionatlity is there. Just drag and drop from within Consequence to your host or a generated MIDI file to your desktop. Quick and easy!
    - Standalone! Consequence now comes with a powerfull standalone version.
    - Just play with Consequence and export the results as MIDI or audio file.




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